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Maintain your 4th Perspective Living, Even when Awesome Manifestations occur over and over

Maintain your 4th Perspective Living, Even when Awesome Manifestations occur over and over

The Core message of Neville and many other writers of Deliberate Creation, is that the start of the process around how your life’s events and manifestations all happen comes from your Now to Now moments where you are “Wearing” an assumed feeling of fulfillment, whether it’s for a specific objective, or just deciding to feel Ecstasy in general ( as Abe-HIcks would say, “Go General” ).

As many as possible, of these important NOW moments (that life is made up of anyway) that you can invest in with high-vibration Feelings, the more juicy life gets in the incoming manifestations

But it’s easy to abandon your commitment to Deliberate Creation practices, when you’re succeeding in a really cool way ( manifesting love interests, the perfect idea for a great income source, etc..).

The reason I say that, is that we all know people who, when they create something pretty awesome in their life, attach way too much conditional happiness on that thing that popped into their 3rd dimensional world and then lose interest in regular visualization/meditation practices.

Take someone, for example, who as a beginner Conscious Creator, manifests something after just listening to a single Neville lecture ( this happened a lot in Nev’s times ), such as the perfect job that’s within walking distance, with the perfectly compatible type of work.

It’s easy for him to get all re-attached to the 3rd dimensional facts of the New-Job reality, and then he regresses back to the “muggle”/civilian approach to life, where the material occurrences in life create his happiness, and he’s dependent, once again, on the oh-so temporal and illusionary time-space objective reality – that reality that we create consciously or unconsciously ourselves.

What would be the Main Benefit of having a Lock on your 4th-Density perspective of life, throughout all of the continual material-based changes in your life?  For this person, with the manifested job, it could be even a huge-er level of success.

Instead of attaching happiness to the new paycheck he’s receiving, and trying to figure out how to do better for this employer to increase it, if he instead maintained an Assumption of the Feeling of his original vision – a lavish income consistent with mutual benefit and integrity – there could be way more in store for him than this job.

His Infinite Self, which choreographs the perfect events, may have meant for the job to be just a temporary bridge ( of incidents ), where he was supposed to partner with a coworker at this company for a new business.

Or this job was only meant to expose him to ideas for a product he could create.

To backtrack for a second, I’m not necessarily saying he should quit the job that was manifested into his life – instead, the point is to continually, hold the feeling of the actual desire for the income he desires, and the amount of ease associated with the work he really wanted.

To summarize: Make your Life About A Constant Practice of Creating an Unconditional State of Being that matches the ultimate Life You Desire – and when the Material Things Occur Around You.. that’s just an Interesting Set of Transitory Reflections that can be used to keep score on Your Vibrational Frequency.

Of course, Celebrate your manifestations!… but always Know That You Are the Originator – it’s about keeping the Perspective of a Master-in-Conscious-Creation

The Deeper Work Sometimes Necessary When doing Neville-style scripting

The Deeper Work Sometimes Necessary When doing Neville-style scripting

I think you’d probably agree that one of Neville’s brilliant contributions through his teaching, are the ‘Live-From-The-End’ type of scripting that he offers as a powerful way to transform the outer ‘facts’, to reflect your new desired State of Being, of Harmony and Balance.

In the above video, I bring up Neville’s answer to a grandmother’s problem with her daughter-in-law – which is simply writing a letter FROM her Daughter-In-Law, as if her daughter and not her actually wrote it.

Yep, sounds simple, and we know that simple is powerful, because we’re brazenly asserting with an abbreviated, profound feeling of IT’S DONE, when it comes to assuming that feeling of “She wrote me a letter.. she wants me back in her life, yeah!”.

However, for anyone who implements this practice, you might try the first time to actually write the letter, but it feels so FORCED and not authentic.  So, it might you require for, a couple of hours, or a couple of nights, to really let go of any lack of forgiveness, or judgement still present inside you.

However, the news is always good.. this isn’t a bad thing.

That Principle that maintains the nature of relationships between the separate aspects of the Gods that we are is always going to transform on the outside the degree of positive change we accomplish on the inside.  And we might need to work on digging out layers of judgement, of victimhood, or of unforgiveness.

in the course of transforming one relationship., then that’s going to affect multiple external relationships simultaneously, because we are healing that negativity on multiple layers!