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I think you’d probably agree that one of Neville’s brilliant contributions through his teaching, are the ‘Live-From-The-End’ type of scripting that he offers as a powerful way to transform the outer ‘facts’, to reflect your new desired State of Being, of Harmony and Balance.

In the above video, I bring up Neville’s answer to a grandmother’s problem with her daughter-in-law – which is simply writing a letter FROM her Daughter-In-Law, as if her daughter and not her actually wrote it.

Yep, sounds simple, and we know that simple is powerful, because we’re brazenly asserting with an abbreviated, profound feeling of IT’S DONE, when it comes to assuming that feeling of “She wrote me a letter.. she wants me back in her life, yeah!”.

However, for anyone who implements this practice, you might try the first time to actually write the letter, but it feels so FORCED and not authentic.  So, it might you require for, a couple of hours, or a couple of nights, to really let go of any lack of forgiveness, or judgement still present inside you.

However, the news is always good.. this isn’t a bad thing.

That Principle that maintains the nature of relationships between the separate aspects of the Gods that we are is always going to transform on the outside the degree of positive change we accomplish on the inside.  And we might need to work on digging out layers of judgement, of victimhood, or of unforgiveness.

in the course of transforming one relationship., then that’s going to affect multiple external relationships simultaneously, because we are healing that negativity on multiple layers!