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A Quick Message to Help Drop One’s Beliefs in Scarcity, and the necessity for Hard Work

A Quick Message to Help Drop One’s Beliefs in Scarcity, and the necessity for Hard Work

Ask most people who buy books such as The Secret, or the latest release by Wayne Dyer, or other very prolific writers of Spiritual/Metaphysics books, why they take the time to read this type of material. I’d bet the most common answer involves the Getting of Big Stuff.

They want the larger income, or sudden large cashflow, or relationship, better house, etc..

Unfortunately, the challenge they’re tackling is the fact that they have not built up a Belief System that allows them to really use the methods prescribed in the books. They might have several below-conscious beliefs:

  1. There just really is not enough of this thing in the Universe for me to attract it.. there are too many others wanting the same thing. ( this might be the top repellent of beliefs )
  2. This is too good to be true. All I see are material things around me, and I’m made of matter. I just don’t think there’s anything there, beyond the 3 dimensional.
    Note: It’s common to have people buy books on the Universal Laws, and applying them, and at the same time, still have this belief sort of nagging at the border of their subconscious mind.
  3. The fact that there are so many super wealthy people in the business and entertainment world, many among these, who did not read metaphysical material, and thus just created wealth “by themselves” .. this means that there’s just not much credibility to creating my life in this “weird” metaphysical way.


To respond to this third point, I invite you to see videos of Will Smith | Oprah | Jim Carrey | My Own Explanation (no, not video)

Why Do People Inadvertently Choose Lack – Part 2

Why Do People Inadvertently Choose Lack – Part 2

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced one of those clear moments where you just simply know and finally accept, that your beliefs (something Invisible) is the responsible cause behind what really creates the Visible stuff in your life.

Maybe you were sitting there at home, or in a restaurant, thinking about something in your ordinary life – and suddenly, many things sort of congeal in your mind and momentarily light up for you in your head, about this life creation stuff.

And you might have wanted to “change the subject” in your head – like real quick – because you finally realized that you are responsible.

It really is up to you to stop investing in that part of you that wants to know the answers as to why you never quite “got that life” that you see others with.

More specifically, it’s about wanting to know the reason why you were short-shrifted and wanting to “talk with” that reason, whatever
it is, to maybe yell at it.

And in this window of clarity, or clearness, this knowing was so palpable that you realized that the real challenge is simply letting go of the old self that wants people to feel sorry for It. Remember, creation just reflects what you are wholesomely assuming to be true.  (a Neville-ism).

I call that other self, an It, because to me it’s just a fraud. It wants to be recognized as someone who just never quite got its way. In order for us to receive the key to that new house, to run into the perfect mate, and the favorite dog, this It would have to literally die.

And it’s tempting to listen to its reasons for you remaining in the safe, but limiting reality.


I don’t know if you’ve ever went to Summer Camp, or went on some sort of week or month long expedition with people whose company you know you’ll have to depart from eventually. During that time, you grew very close to them.

Imagine, now, that you in particular had to leave early to return home, while everyone else stayed. It’s not possible to even imagine not getting a chance to say goodbye to them, to listen to their departing words, and finding out what they think of you leaving, and their reaction to you leaving.

Look at these made-up, soon-to-be-separated-from,  people, as the versions of the real people in your life, who currently know you as someone who has always experienced lack in your life.

Where am I going with this? The decision to begin living in the consciousness as someone who is living that ideal life, and truly living from that feeling, will put an end to that part of your relationship with these people.

The importance of this is: If you are someone who thrives on having others think of you as wanting, and striving, and lacking, you will now, through assuming the feeling that your ideal circumstances were present, depart this “lack-boat” abruptly, with no soothing words from anyone. You won’t find out why you were “left out”, because you are now someone who Has the consciousness of Having, which material reality has to reflect very soon.

No pity-party for you — and this pity-receiving stuff,  is something that people love to want, and expect, for not “getting that life they want”. It’s the victimized person inside many of us.

When you take Conscious Creation seriously enough, to listen to your intuition that tells you to leave behind the cute manifesting techniques you see in various books, and take on the identity of the fulfilled Self – without looking back – you
are permanently leaving the victimized self behind. I’m talking about that self (the It )that wanted to know why it was left behind in life, when the reason – really – for lack, was that it created its own circumstances by feeling left behind, and by looking for answers for not-getting.

It’s not a matter of visualizing the right way, or of learning how to “detach” in just that right way that you might have read about.

It’s just being willing to Be That Identity that has a successful business, or a great relationship. You get what you are, not what you want.

Here’s a quote by a woman who wrote an out-of-print book, based on her experience with reading Neville Goddard’s work:

“Life does not
fulfill our wishes, it fulfills our dominant thought patterns.” – Louise Berlay

If your dominant thoughts patterns consist of:

– The positive –

Feelings: Feeling the warmth of your new mate’s hand in yours, at the movies.

Actions: Keeping your home clean because you know that you have “special company” tonight. And doing other things, as well, on Saturday night that you would be doing if you knew had company. ( instead of doing your ritual DVD rental, because you’re preparing for being dateless .. this is an action that is based on the particular version of you that doesn’t have companionship)

– and some negative –

then comes the underlying beliefs/ defenses/ fears:  “If I have a partner/spouse, I will not have freedom with time that I currently now enjoy without someone, and will thus suffer. Or I will have to worry about being cheated on.   Or if I’m in a relationship, and during those particular times where I am not getting the good stuff (sex, affection, a movie partner, whatever else), I’ll actually have to give back to this person, and well.. I’m not ready to give for the sake of giving.”

If that last part fits you, you have underlying “pay-offs”.   This is enough to create circumstances where nothing lasting happens. (You might actually end up meeting someone, but you do or say something to completely blow it with the person, or the person just senses something in you and you don’t hear from them after 2 or 3 dates.)


To reveal your unconscious payoffs, it’s pretty simple.   There’s one phrase that was part of this course I purchased years back, called The Field Center.

And the creator of this course largely parroted concepts from Neville, Abe Hicks, etc.   But they had a question they pose to you, to uncover an unconscous fear of manifesting an objective that your conscious mind thinks it wants:

What bad thing happens if you do get <blank> ?

And it’s a question that you need to answer very quickly without analyzing, or thinking about it. Just uncovering one fear that was previously unconscious can trigger major stuff to move into the 3rd dimension.

part one

Why Do People Inadvertently Choose Lack – Part 1

Why Do People Inadvertently Choose Lack – Part 1

Much of the conscious creation material available today, states that the Quantum Field/The Infinite/Formless Substance will respond just as reliably to our emotionalized thoughts of disappointing and sad circumstances, as to thoughts of a Favorable and Delicious lifestyle.

When we’re at that point of intuitively realizing the following about Universal Laws written about for many, many years: “yes, this makes sense that my life is shaped by Universal Principles, not just logically but intuitively in my heart center”, we still seem to bounce around from unhappy emotions to ones of victimization and back again,
all the time being aware about what Science and the mystics have told us about these low quality thoughts attracting the low quality material equivalent !

It comes down to a belief, or a conclusion we arrive at, about how much we should allow the outside world to “convince” us of what is possible for us. However, there is no point in using our visible material environment as an example for anything.

All of it has been drawn to us, by the level of our consciousness from past up to the present moment.

A fairly large pecentage of the population has this addiction to looking for Evidence – of their chances for success in life – in the wrong place: from the outside world.

(There should practically be a Betty Ford clinic just for people who habitually draw final conclusions on what is Reality, based on what they see around them)

Many folks love to point with their finger at the people both in their life currently, and those who were in their life who were never able to climb out of a financial or emotional rut – in this constant effort to “build up their case”: of how this stuff doesn’t work.

It’s very tempting, after all, to reach this conclusion: “If it were actually that easy, that the Visible material world originates from the Unseen Invisible world (our thoughts), then these people in not so happy circumstances would have aimed their powerful thought-beams to create the ideal, luscious life, and they would have done this by now .”

You’d think we’d be able to easily control our own mind knowing the happy results of consistent happy thoughts.

I know of at least two reasons that people are not able to shift their thoughts from negative ( victimized by others’ actions, or poor-me thoughts of why-am-I-still-living-in-this-small-apartment) to positive (i.e. dwelling on the rich, joyous feeling of living their perfect lifestyle)

1. Conscious thoughts or conclusions: We notice gaps between classes of people, especially when it comes to who is a star, or on the Fortune Mag cover, and who is not. Unfortunately many translate this to mean that there is some Predetermined Cause behind this gap – maybe some Natural Force that has to maintain balance, and thus put some people here or put others there.

This first one is actually ridiculous .. If you would have asked Bill Gates, when he was 5 years old, to let go of a baseball, and then request the same thing from another 5 year old on the same day – who happened to end up homeless today – gravity won’t care. It will drop the object for either person, as it would today with either present-day version of each person. It will just do what it does, not caring who Bill is, or will be, or who the homeless person is, or will be.

The Laws that lie behind the 24/7 attraction between circumstances and beliefs (beliefs could be seen as “cemented – but changeable -thoughtforce”) are even more reliable than the laws of gravity.

Both of these people are subject to the laws of how consciousness attracts our reality in the exact same way. They can both create a situation of plenty today.

Bill did, kinda, already.

The homeless person still can. He’s just as deserving and Divine and made of the same stuff that moves this planet around the sun, and grows trees.


2. Below-conscious: “Pay-offs” that drive their everyday conscious thoughts and actions, that they simply aren’t aware of.

part two