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My Abe-Inspired Alignment-Injections

My Abe-Inspired Alignment-Injections

I’m working this contract gig for a company in downtown Boise, overhauling the front-end of a public-facing website, and sometimes work is just mind-numbing.  But this is the corporate world, and I’m kind of used to it’s all good ( and I have time to work on my own projects during business hours after more than satisfactorily completing my commitment each day to their project ).

Which brings me to that thing, called The Meeting. We have “scrum” meetings every day, where you have to listen to everyone talk about what they’re doing.  80% of what everyone else is saying, doesn’t apply to I started bringing in this small notebook, and made it look like I was simply taking notes on the conversation.

Instead, I started spontaneously writing these “Assumption-Scenarios”. Basically, things that I could look at in the future, to shape a 2-minute Dose of Feeling around it.
In other words.. you know Neville says, to just go through your day, Resting in the Feeling of the Assumed End, right?   Well, personally speaking, I get more of a “Feeling-Buzz” when I think of a specific aspect of a fulfilled objective.. so I figured I’d write “mini-scripts” that I could then use as material to “Fuel” my feeling-assumptions throughout the day.


This is sooo awesome, that I’m on my third successful product idea in a row, and with my existing products,  I’ve already got enough passive income to fly to a different country every 3 months, and First Class too!   The only slight drawback, is there is a Lot of work I have do to, to create the documentation for this product, and create all of the code for my eCommerce site.

Such a great “drawback” though!   I love the busy work, and  applying it to this great lucrative naturally-Inspired Idea, is a joy, and doing this in my own home, with this view out of my window.

Another One:

How did I get here, where I’m rolling in all of this unexpected income?  It seems like everything I’m doing turns into gold. I’m also receiving unexpected checks from funny sources, like a previous apt building realizing they owe me money, or gifts from others  Not only attracting great income, but weight maintenance is effortless.

Is this all happening because I’ve reached that threshold of more than 51% of Feeling Good on most days?   it may be – all I know, is I fkn love this.



My income has tripled since I’ve been succeeding with these great ideas ( maybe thanks to the meditation for these powerful hunches ), but I’m a little concerned I’m not handing this extra wealth responsibly. Should I pick up a Kindle book on stock investing / property investment?
Regardless.. woo-hoo!  Love that I’m creating the version of me that is Rolling In It.


 2 Points to make about the above.

1.)  You notice that I include a bit of “negativity”.. such as: “Now I have a lot of work to do to get this product ready”.
This applies to me, specifically.  The way in which I make a “scenario” less vulnerable to the “gremlins” in my subconscious that tell me, “no life can’t improve that much”.. is to purposely inject some “drawback-ness” energy into the scenario.

So, what that does, is make these imaginations more like the current life I see now, . i.e. there’s some slight ‘suck-iness’.   It’s just a trick I use, to give my conscious mind the full ability to feel it completely without interruption from the subconscious.

You may not have to do this.. and just simply pump your own “Alignment-Injections” with pure positivity.  Just something I do personally.

2.) You might be asking: “Do you memorize these scripts, and say them to yourself?”.

And you’d be close.

What I do, is yes.. memorize them, but more importantly, after I think of a new one and write it down,  I immediately reduce that scenario to a Feeling.., that I can immerse myself into.. and make it last at least 68 seconds.
So it’s like a tool belt, with alignment tools that I use, when I’m waiting for the elevator, or at  a red-light, or even when I wait for my desktop to boot up at home.

I like frequency (I’m talking about the repeated nature of something here.. not the “frequency” that also means vibration).

It’s what Neville says in the chapter called: “Failure” in Power of Awareness.  He says that it really helps to pump up the frequency of your assuming the feeling throughout the day. This is way I like to do it.


The Job/Recruiter/Employer/Money thing when you’re operating at the Higher Level

The Job/Recruiter/Employer/Money thing when you’re operating at the Higher Level

I remember the job interview I had many years ago, for the first job that actually related to my career in computers. At that time, I was operating definitely at the 3-dimensional level and thought I was at effect from the outside, and everyone outside had a say in my income, my day to day security, and others had the official last word over my likeability or employeability.

I got that particular job, but not out of any positive impression I left (I had sweaty palms and acted really nervously) – it might have been my friend who was already at this company, and who I had attended a technical school with me, had already gave me a great reference ( but I don’t want even want to conjecture on the reason from being any cause in the 3D world anyway ).

My approach now, when it comes to the whole subject of money and being employed and resumes and seeking approval is at the 180 degree point.


Transforming and transmuting that internal B.S. Response

Transforming and transmuting that internal B.S. Response

Ask most people what their primary struggle is when it comes to implementing the principles taught by Neville, Joseph Murphy,  or other teachers who tell us to purposely feel the feelings of a desired objective as though it were true right now.

Their answer might be similar to: “Whenever I begin entering that state where I look at myself and my surroundings as if the Thing has transpired, the same voice objects: “Bullsh*t, it’s not going to happen”.

How to eliminate it?      Examine the real meaning of why it’s interjecting

This B.S.R. mechanism (bullshit response) needs a source of power for it to continue its life, and this power is that unfortunate Faith we place in a fear of can’t-happen, more than in the Faith in knowing that it has already happened in another plane of reality as soon as you have channeled emotion-backed feeling into it.

In the subtle unseen world, where materials things actually originate, the objective is already existing.

The BSR has its own support panel of associates (beliefs) that have been built up, from us accepting the final verdicts from so many conversations stemming from our childhood.  These interactions could be plentiful, and include even the most casual chat with an uncle when you were five that told you that “you’ve got to be realistic, it took me forty years to save up for a car”.  (“Gee, thanks for sharing wtih me your choice of living such a limited life, Uncle Jed”, should now be your response to any memory you have of these interactions).

Resisting the BSR only gives it power and nutrition.  A lot of us have resisted these can’t-have thoughts so much, it’s the equivalent of giving the BSR a High-end vegetable Juicer with a big bowl of organic green, orange and red vegetables.  It’s Mega-Nutrition for it.

An example of resistance:  If you are doing your best to get tuned into the Feeling-State of having your rent covered next month, the B.S.R., will demand to be heard every time. There’s just too much fear invested in the “possibility” of having no way to pay rent.

The best way to cancel out the B.S.R. is to agree .. be prepared for what I’m going to say .. to not making it such a disaster that you don’t have rent.  Taking away the emotional charge from a possibility is one of the most important things to do, if you’re not able to otherwise leak out the charge some other way.   Removing the this-is-bad, this-is-good label/charge out of a possible reality will de-fuse the momentum of thoughts being directed toward that imagined possiblity.   The BSR gets its power and backing from you dwelling on how “bad” something can be.

If you’re becoming someone who is taking charge of your Consciousness, and you end up being kicked out the home, your real Identity is not necessarily of someone homeless.  This is the last thing you want to read in an article such as this, on a site of this particular form. I mean, who wants to consider that possibility when you’re trying to do this “conscious creation/apply The Secret” stuff.

However, remember, that even you if won the Lotto today, it doesn’t mean as much as you think about the real reality of things. Why?

The Bottom Line:

The way to build a world of steady riches is by self-examination when you have the time. Seth, in Nature of Personal Reality (Jane Roberts) has some great advice in this area:  Sit down with your eyes closed and just allow and follow the stuff that comes up – the emotions.  It always leads back to your beliefs. NOPR covers more about beliefs work and how
the clustering of different beliefs create “systems of ideas/beliefs” , including where “core” beliefs come in, than anything I’ve ever read.

However, at the very least, if you can’t consider delving into such a large tome of a book, at least pick up one of the books you’ve probably already bought that has actual exercises in the book prompting you to write your beliefs in various areas of your life, especially finances.

In Cody Horton’s Consciously Creating Wealth, she has an excellent exercise that guides you to allowing negative emotions to come up, and then following that thread of feeling back in your memory, to an incident in your past where you happened to have accepted a belief and you forgot that you even did that.

Another excellent book: Harv Ecker’s book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.  But, again, you have to actually do the exercises.

Among the books I listed above, one must-have in my opinion is “Before You Think Another Thought” by Bruce Doyle. It’s a very slim book that gets to the point and provides very effective exercises.

( Let’s take a Q&A break  Q: Why are there so many seminars and courses and teleclasses on “LOA”  A:  Because noone ever actually did the exercise part of all of the books they bought. They just read them.  Q: But I bet Mr Gates or Mr. Trump never did the exercises or bought the books. How Come?  A: That’s really the wrong question.  No answer needed. Wheeww what a relief.  Just find out who you are, and don’t worry about having billions.  )

If your gut feeling tells you to really start examining yourself, especially your hardened assumptions and Beliefs,  in response to an exercise you see from a  book, or article,  and you don’t follow that strong instinct to actually do the exercise, than your world will stay the same. Yes, even if you watch the Secret twenty more times.  The intuitional urges you get aren’t only meant for doing those “outside” things like call someone.

Follow your intuition if that part of you is prompting you to examine the assumptions and beliefs that you take for granted as something you think is true about yourself.   This is  more important than learning some new marketing method, and more valuable than going to yet another seminar, and definitely way more valuable than copying what someone else did to make their money, etc.  

But ONLY if your intuition is prompting you. As my previous post mentioned, it’s more valuable to deliberately feel emotions in your hear-and-now, than it is to constantly try to root out beliefs.

A Quick Message to Help Drop One’s Beliefs in Scarcity, and the necessity for Hard Work

A Quick Message to Help Drop One’s Beliefs in Scarcity, and the necessity for Hard Work

Ask most people who buy books such as The Secret, or the latest release by Wayne Dyer, or other very prolific writers of Spiritual/Metaphysics books, why they take the time to read this type of material. I’d bet the most common answer involves the Getting of Big Stuff.

They want the larger income, or sudden large cashflow, or relationship, better house, etc..

Unfortunately, the challenge they’re tackling is the fact that they have not built up a Belief System that allows them to really use the methods prescribed in the books. They might have several below-conscious beliefs:

  1. There just really is not enough of this thing in the Universe for me to attract it.. there are too many others wanting the same thing. ( this might be the top repellent of beliefs )
  2. This is too good to be true. All I see are material things around me, and I’m made of matter. I just don’t think there’s anything there, beyond the 3 dimensional.
    Note: It’s common to have people buy books on the Universal Laws, and applying them, and at the same time, still have this belief sort of nagging at the border of their subconscious mind.
  3. The fact that there are so many super wealthy people in the business and entertainment world, many among these, who did not read metaphysical material, and thus just created wealth “by themselves” .. this means that there’s just not much credibility to creating my life in this “weird” metaphysical way.


To respond to this third point, I invite you to see videos of Will Smith | Oprah | Jim Carrey | My Own Explanation (no, not video)

Why Do People Inadvertently Choose Lack – Part 1

Why Do People Inadvertently Choose Lack – Part 1

Much of the conscious creation material available today, states that the Quantum Field/The Infinite/Formless Substance will respond just as reliably to our emotionalized thoughts of disappointing and sad circumstances, as to thoughts of a Favorable and Delicious lifestyle.

When we’re at that point of intuitively realizing the following about Universal Laws written about for many, many years: “yes, this makes sense that my life is shaped by Universal Principles, not just logically but intuitively in my heart center”, we still seem to bounce around from unhappy emotions to ones of victimization and back again,
all the time being aware about what Science and the mystics have told us about these low quality thoughts attracting the low quality material equivalent !

It comes down to a belief, or a conclusion we arrive at, about how much we should allow the outside world to “convince” us of what is possible for us. However, there is no point in using our visible material environment as an example for anything.

All of it has been drawn to us, by the level of our consciousness from past up to the present moment.

A fairly large pecentage of the population has this addiction to looking for Evidence – of their chances for success in life – in the wrong place: from the outside world.

(There should practically be a Betty Ford clinic just for people who habitually draw final conclusions on what is Reality, based on what they see around them)

Many folks love to point with their finger at the people both in their life currently, and those who were in their life who were never able to climb out of a financial or emotional rut – in this constant effort to “build up their case”: of how this stuff doesn’t work.

It’s very tempting, after all, to reach this conclusion: “If it were actually that easy, that the Visible material world originates from the Unseen Invisible world (our thoughts), then these people in not so happy circumstances would have aimed their powerful thought-beams to create the ideal, luscious life, and they would have done this by now .”

You’d think we’d be able to easily control our own mind knowing the happy results of consistent happy thoughts.

I know of at least two reasons that people are not able to shift their thoughts from negative ( victimized by others’ actions, or poor-me thoughts of why-am-I-still-living-in-this-small-apartment) to positive (i.e. dwelling on the rich, joyous feeling of living their perfect lifestyle)

1. Conscious thoughts or conclusions: We notice gaps between classes of people, especially when it comes to who is a star, or on the Fortune Mag cover, and who is not. Unfortunately many translate this to mean that there is some Predetermined Cause behind this gap – maybe some Natural Force that has to maintain balance, and thus put some people here or put others there.

This first one is actually ridiculous .. If you would have asked Bill Gates, when he was 5 years old, to let go of a baseball, and then request the same thing from another 5 year old on the same day – who happened to end up homeless today – gravity won’t care. It will drop the object for either person, as it would today with either present-day version of each person. It will just do what it does, not caring who Bill is, or will be, or who the homeless person is, or will be.

The Laws that lie behind the 24/7 attraction between circumstances and beliefs (beliefs could be seen as “cemented – but changeable -thoughtforce”) are even more reliable than the laws of gravity.

Both of these people are subject to the laws of how consciousness attracts our reality in the exact same way. They can both create a situation of plenty today.

Bill did, kinda, already.

The homeless person still can. He’s just as deserving and Divine and made of the same stuff that moves this planet around the sun, and grows trees.


2. Below-conscious: “Pay-offs” that drive their everyday conscious thoughts and actions, that they simply aren’t aware of.

part two

Watching TV can be more of an Insidious Reverse Progress for your Manifesting than you thought

Watching TV can be more of an Insidious Reverse Progress for your Manifesting than you thought

In one of my videos, as a sort of a light-hearted comment on my TV-watching, I displayed an image of the Machonne character from The Walking Dead.

( It was this video: Part 4 of Resurrection Summary )

Maybe I was trying to subtly defend my crazy TWD compulsion.

And sometimes I doubt the wisdom of my continual addiction to this show due to the ever-increasing shock value they are trying to deliver to their audience with each episode. The current season of TWD is more extreme in violence than a lot of other shows I’ve seen, including Sons of Anarchy ( motorcycle gangsters ), The Shield, and even Dexter.

However… I’m just stating the obvious.

The specific thing I wanted to mention was how sneakily, and perhaps accidentally, lack-thinking from the conversation in a dialogue scene, in a TV show can enter your subconscious without you really knowing.

I think it was an episode of Homeland that I was watching, where a couple of the CIA agents were having a conversation. I was kind of strung out with my adrenaline, waiting for the next exciting scene in this show.. where I’d see some martial arts from the young CIA guy… or Carrie’s hair-raising situation..

So I was only half-paying attention to the show.. while this conversation was happening in this calm scene.

But the thing is..

In this scene, they’re talking about the challenges of having to work, and really wanting to quit their CIA agent positions, but they can’t because of … money issues! And because these characters are the good guys, and you like them.. and you want to agree with everything they’re saying, because you want to them to win the fight against terrorists.. your brain could be taking in these real-life concepts of Lack in an insidious, kind of casual way that will leave their mark, in your real world via rewriting your beliefs in abundance.

So, it’s really easy for me to allow progress in my own abundance-mindset reprogramming, especially with Neville’s work, to start BACK-sliding. When your brain is kind of hypnotized, with that addiction-fueled anticipation of waiting for some action and violence, and you’re half-conscious as to what you’re absorbing in this dialogue that is going on front of you.. this stuff can soak in.


So all I’m saying is, be aware of what kind of beliefs about life in general, you could be letting yourself absorb if you’re half-awake and watching these shows.

One of these days, I’ll be one of those people who are proud to say: “The only time I watch TV, is when I throw in a DVD, because I have a date over.”

It may occur to you, when you go to a news website, and you see a new Lotto winner announced - that this person must have the "formula" for how to manifest a lot of money.  However a lotto Win is not necessarily evidence that there was a steady flow of intention toward Abundance.
For example, the Lotto winner may have "flowed' a lot of negative energy out there in the previous years before the Win, around disagreements he/she had around family members

 ... so what is one way that the Universe can manifest more of that?

  Well, if this person buys lotto tickets... than a Lotto Win can help accelerate arguments.  This person now has a deeper, more complicated potential for arguments with this large supply of money. ( and then the person spends/loses the money very quickly, as we read a lot )