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The Job/Recruiter/Employer/Money thing when you’re operating at the Higher Level

The Job/Recruiter/Employer/Money thing when you’re operating at the Higher Level

I remember the job interview I had many years ago, for the first job that actually related to my career in computers. At that time, I was operating definitely at the 3-dimensional level and thought I was at effect from the outside, and everyone outside had a say in my income, my day to day security, and others had the official last word over my likeability or employeability.

I got that particular job, but not out of any positive impression I left (I had sweaty palms and acted really nervously) – it might have been my friend who was already at this company, and who I had attended a technical school with me, had already gave me a great reference ( but I don’t want even want to conjecture on the reason from being any cause in the 3D world anyway ).

My approach now, when it comes to the whole subject of money and being employed and resumes and seeking approval is at the 180 degree point.


A Quick Message to Help Drop One’s Beliefs in Scarcity, and the necessity for Hard Work

A Quick Message to Help Drop One’s Beliefs in Scarcity, and the necessity for Hard Work

Ask most people who buy books such as The Secret, or the latest release by Wayne Dyer, or other very prolific writers of Spiritual/Metaphysics books, why they take the time to read this type of material. I’d bet the most common answer involves the Getting of Big Stuff.

They want the larger income, or sudden large cashflow, or relationship, better house, etc..

Unfortunately, the challenge they’re tackling is the fact that they have not built up a Belief System that allows them to really use the methods prescribed in the books. They might have several below-conscious beliefs:

  1. There just really is not enough of this thing in the Universe for me to attract it.. there are too many others wanting the same thing. ( this might be the top repellent of beliefs )
  2. This is too good to be true. All I see are material things around me, and I’m made of matter. I just don’t think there’s anything there, beyond the 3 dimensional.
    Note: It’s common to have people buy books on the Universal Laws, and applying them, and at the same time, still have this belief sort of nagging at the border of their subconscious mind.
  3. The fact that there are so many super wealthy people in the business and entertainment world, many among these, who did not read metaphysical material, and thus just created wealth “by themselves” .. this means that there’s just not much credibility to creating my life in this “weird” metaphysical way.


To respond to this third point, I invite you to see videos of Will Smith | Oprah | Jim Carrey | My Own Explanation (no, not video)

The Stuck-On-This-Specific-Way-Or-Nothing Syndrome

The Stuck-On-This-Specific-Way-Or-Nothing Syndrome

There is this phenomenon among many people who discover the way of doing things Energetically (aka Law of Attraction), and are backing away more from un-Productive brunt force action that have gotten them nowhere, up to the point of that discovery of LOA.
They begin on that magical path of applying the wisdom of Neville, and actually generating feelings of what it would actually be like, if they had in fact, had their offer for that dream house accepted by the owner.. or another highly-desired objective.
Or they successfully use their spare moments, such as waiting for an elevator, or stuck in traffic, to soak themselves in a 34 or 68-second long embracing of a feeling of deep appreciation, or of fulfillment that they now have the thing they’re seeking.

But when it comes to applying metaphysical principles to their pursuit of money creation, it can be so easy to fall back into placing so much importance onto the appearance of how something on the outside is looking to them


An example of this may look like:,

You have a podcast enthusiast who loves to listen to them, and then suddenly realizes, signs everywhere are pointing to how awesome it would be to start her own podcast. And this is not an artificially-inspired idea … she can’t stop thinking about it.. a perfect title of her podcast comes to her right away, and then she finds an amazing deal on Amazon for high quality audio equipment. It’s meant to be.

What happens next though, is typical among many people who get re-hypnotized to take direction from the “stale” external world around them. ( I say “stale”, because your existing circumstances are always a reflection of a past indulgence in feelings and actions from those feelings )

She reads blogs that talk about how much income you can make through possibly being an affiliate for some product that she can sell in commercial breaks.. or the lure of maybe getting obsessed around what major Podcast Network she can join if she produces “good enough content” for it. She’s being led by the “muggle” tail of putting too much stock into the external symbols.

However, in reality, she went from:

being more awake in her life ( by discovering the power of Deliberate Creation ),
right back to:
a more “asleep state” of letting the outside influence her internal decisions and spike false fears (of missing out)

What if,

… that excitement that grabbed her, and directed her toward starting a podcast, was originally only just there to get herself exposed for now,,,, in the world, so she was being heard ??

And what if, after just 8 episodes, there were some major audio book publishing company that heard her and loved her voice, and wanted to her to narrate books, and she ended up loving that??

Another possible way that Reality/Her Excitement may have taken her the podcast direction, was perhaps to meet someone else with that same interest she was pod-castting about, and then she teamed up with that person, in numerous and lucrative, and most importantly, joyful ways!  And they co-created a web site, or co-authored books.

It’s crazy what can happen, if you stay centered in your bliss and take direction from that pure joy-inspired voice.