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Manifesting a Quiet Neighbor Situation

Manifesting a Quiet Neighbor Situation

It would be safe to say, that the number one attribute of any apartment that I’ve moved into, are good neighbors. To me, that’s the one variable that just makes you love your place, or motivate you to start planning another move.

But that’s the one thing you can’t exactly mention to the Landlord as he/she is giving you that initial tour of the apartment. You might be getting an earful of “our amazing amenities” from him,, as you walk from room to room.. and you might have questions for him, such as…

Does it have a dishwasher? An internet connection in the upstairs loft?  ( love my loft )

But You can’t exactly ask him: Would I have any loud neighbors I would need to call you about?

That would cast you, as the potential renter, already in a negative light, .. like you’re one of those tenants who complains a lot.

I’ll just jump to the chase. After only a week in this new apt, I realized that the steady booming on the other side of the wall, was one of my neighbors. He loved his music, and loved blasting his movies with his custom-installed TV-speakers, which must have been smack against the other side of the wall.

I let about 7 months go by, where I resisted it, and went kind of “3rd dimensional” mode in this situation.. meaning, I adopted the mass-consciousness method, where you just get irate, like most people would and wonder what outside actions you can take.

I then re-heard a lecture, where Neville mentioned the woman who wanted a quiet neighbor next to her house – the family was noisy.  It worked for her.
I started going inside, and began applying the Sedona method ( or really, The Release Technique, which was created by Larry Crane ).

Every time I heard the noise again, I went inside, and just sat there on the couch, and asked myself,
where is the discomfort? ..

Is it Wanting Security, Wanting Control, Wanting Approval.

It was wanting control and wanting approval.

I wanted to control this situation.. AND I wanted my neighbor to approve of me enough, to where he’d care that I can’t stand the noise he’s making, and that it makes my home less pleasant..

So that’s the Letting Go side of the manifesting equation. I was able to get my mood up the emotional scale, to sort of neutral, and possibly even “Content”

Then I asked myself.. how could I start feeling the feelings of someone with quiet “people surroundings”.

1.) An exercise immediately came to me, that I knew I had to immediately do:

I had to practice the Feelings of THAT reality of Peace, and as much as I could.

I wrote down those feelings. They were basically “happy” and “content”.  I started doing more things that made me happy and content, deliberately, even if meant spending more money ( get a massage, get a sweet, fat-laden, latte once a week )

( I knew that there was still a little bit too much charge for me, to want to try to specifically imagine the exact objective of having quiet neighbors.(Neville-ize), because I knew the annoyance at my neighbor would always butt in during the visualization so I kept it general, as Abraham would say )

2. ) I also wanted to figure out how to actually “use the noise” that I was hearing from this loud guy next door, as a trigger, to frame it like it actually meant my problem was solved.

Let me explain:

Not sure if you’ve ever had loud music-loving neighbors yourself.. but sometimes a noise you would hear, that’s not even from them, like a loud car parking nearby, blasting their music, makes you think it’s your neighbor’s music, and then you realize it isn’t them.

So, I started pretending that some of the loud bass music coming from the wall, was actually someone outside ( like a car nearby ), and deliberately felt the emotion of happiness and relief, and held onto that feeling as many seconds as possible. Even though the music was actually him.. .. however you and I know, that the atoms of corporeal Reality outside, reflects our feelings, so if I can create feelings of Happiness and Joy, that my issue is resolved.. , even though it isn’t at that second,.. your future changes to reflect that deliberate Feeling.

— Pretending is powerful, if you charge it with emotion —

Also, the simple idea came to me, to just make a quick phone call to the landlord, to ask him to call the neighbor.  I had to wait until that impetus to make that complaint call, was something inspired, and not do it out of anger.  So that call to the manager, caused the music to take a little dip down ( though it went back up gradually )

Better yet, though, about 2.5 months later, I hear commotion outside my front door, and I look through the peephole to witness ( through that limited vision it gives you ), the beautiful sight of furniture being moved out of that apt, and my neighbor holding one of a bookcase.  He was talking to his friend, and saying that his job relocation took him to the other end of the city, so he had to move.

Coincidence?   Could be.. but I like to think that hiking my Emotional Tone as consistently as I could, played into it ( or was the complete cause of it )

It gets better. Last Saturday, I see through my window ( next to the front door ), a couple of men walking out of that same apartment, and the man doing the talking, is saying how he likes his new apt,.. so I knew it was he who’s living there. What’s cool is, he’s in the age range of probably receiving social security and not someone who’s likely to blast music. ( Yes! )

My original intention, was to: “Have a peaceful people-environment”.. NOT.. “Want Mr. Late-20’s Kid Next to me, to move out”….

It’s always good to go “directly” for what you really want, and not try to micro-manage how you want your Reality to mold into.

As a summary:

  1. First thing to do, is to release resistance ( this could be EFT, Release technique, etc..)
  2. – If you’re still too emotionally Charged, to try to imagine a specific scenario, then nail down the 2 or 3 feelings you’d feel, if you were living a Quiet-People environment.. and then start changing your lifestyle, so that you’re regularly feeling those.
  3. – If you get a “Hit of Inspiration” to take an action, like calling the landlord or knocking on the neighbor’s door, go ahead, otherwise, don’t take action out of being Un-Aligned to positive emotions. ( the fact that I followed my own urge, to call the Landlord may or may not have accelerated the neighbor’s decision to move out, but either way, I did it out of just going with the flow, from what felt natural )


p.s.  A picture of my view from my balcony

My Abe-Inspired Alignment-Injections

My Abe-Inspired Alignment-Injections

I’m working this contract gig for a company in downtown Boise, overhauling the front-end of a public-facing website, and sometimes work is just mind-numbing.  But this is the corporate world, and I’m kind of used to it’s all good ( and I have time to work on my own projects during business hours after more than satisfactorily completing my commitment each day to their project ).

Which brings me to that thing, called The Meeting. We have “scrum” meetings every day, where you have to listen to everyone talk about what they’re doing.  80% of what everyone else is saying, doesn’t apply to I started bringing in this small notebook, and made it look like I was simply taking notes on the conversation.

Instead, I started spontaneously writing these “Assumption-Scenarios”. Basically, things that I could look at in the future, to shape a 2-minute Dose of Feeling around it.
In other words.. you know Neville says, to just go through your day, Resting in the Feeling of the Assumed End, right?   Well, personally speaking, I get more of a “Feeling-Buzz” when I think of a specific aspect of a fulfilled objective.. so I figured I’d write “mini-scripts” that I could then use as material to “Fuel” my feeling-assumptions throughout the day.


This is sooo awesome, that I’m on my third successful product idea in a row, and with my existing products,  I’ve already got enough passive income to fly to a different country every 3 months, and First Class too!   The only slight drawback, is there is a Lot of work I have do to, to create the documentation for this product, and create all of the code for my eCommerce site.

Such a great “drawback” though!   I love the busy work, and  applying it to this great lucrative naturally-Inspired Idea, is a joy, and doing this in my own home, with this view out of my window.

Another One:

How did I get here, where I’m rolling in all of this unexpected income?  It seems like everything I’m doing turns into gold. I’m also receiving unexpected checks from funny sources, like a previous apt building realizing they owe me money, or gifts from others  Not only attracting great income, but weight maintenance is effortless.

Is this all happening because I’ve reached that threshold of more than 51% of Feeling Good on most days?   it may be – all I know, is I fkn love this.



My income has tripled since I’ve been succeeding with these great ideas ( maybe thanks to the meditation for these powerful hunches ), but I’m a little concerned I’m not handing this extra wealth responsibly. Should I pick up a Kindle book on stock investing / property investment?
Regardless.. woo-hoo!  Love that I’m creating the version of me that is Rolling In It.


 2 Points to make about the above.

1.)  You notice that I include a bit of “negativity”.. such as: “Now I have a lot of work to do to get this product ready”.
This applies to me, specifically.  The way in which I make a “scenario” less vulnerable to the “gremlins” in my subconscious that tell me, “no life can’t improve that much”.. is to purposely inject some “drawback-ness” energy into the scenario.

So, what that does, is make these imaginations more like the current life I see now, . i.e. there’s some slight ‘suck-iness’.   It’s just a trick I use, to give my conscious mind the full ability to feel it completely without interruption from the subconscious.

You may not have to do this.. and just simply pump your own “Alignment-Injections” with pure positivity.  Just something I do personally.

2.) You might be asking: “Do you memorize these scripts, and say them to yourself?”.

And you’d be close.

What I do, is yes.. memorize them, but more importantly, after I think of a new one and write it down,  I immediately reduce that scenario to a Feeling.., that I can immerse myself into.. and make it last at least 68 seconds.
So it’s like a tool belt, with alignment tools that I use, when I’m waiting for the elevator, or at  a red-light, or even when I wait for my desktop to boot up at home.

I like frequency (I’m talking about the repeated nature of something here.. not the “frequency” that also means vibration).

It’s what Neville says in the chapter called: “Failure” in Power of Awareness.  He says that it really helps to pump up the frequency of your assuming the feeling throughout the day. This is way I like to do it.


Not Trying to Control Outer Events, but having confidence you’re still Manifesting

Not Trying to Control Outer Events, but having confidence you’re still Manifesting

One of the main categories of Self-Development material that I was pursuing for reading material, before I dove in deep with Conscious Creation, was that whole teaching of…

Let Go of what Happens out there in the material world – Basically, respond with indifference when shit happens.


Even Abe-Hicks, a primary source of LOA material, tells you the same thing:

Most people think that they only have the option of responding to the circumstances that surround them. And that’s what makes them attempt the impossible, which is to control the circumstances around them, which only feeds their feeling of frustration and vulnerability because it doesn’t take very much life experience to discover you can’t control all of those circumstances.


So, take someone who has just discovered Conscious Creation, whether someone introduced them to a Neville book, or they had seen the Secret.

What I’m saying here might affect their attitude about how legitimate all of these metaphysical concepts really are.

I mean, if even A-H is saying, “you can’t control all of those circumstances”,   well….. crap, “I thought you could control things with your mind and feelings!.. isn’t that what these teachers are saying?”

However, what they miss, is that, the “What-Is”/The Visible Stuff in their face never has to Look any particular way at any moment, to have any meaning.

The Intelligence spoken of, in the various books we might read, doesn’t care that our Ego doesn’t like certain events.  So IT will respond to a Conscious Vibration you are creating through your Focus by shaping your Material world in the most direct manner it possibly can, even if that new shape it takes feels painful to our Ego.

For instance, if you’re wanting a business for yourself, and you are cultivating a vibration of the freedom, joy, excitement that’s consistent with someone who has a successful business, this is going to launch things into action.

And these “things/events” might include stuff the human Ego doesn’t enjoy


The ego may not things like …….

  • Getting laid off
  • A potential business partner says no to your offer to join for a sales campaign
  • A potential romantic interest drops out of the picture.

However, your newly habituated vibration as someone who feels like an entrepreneur, and does things that a successful business owner does, and cultivates Being-Qualities of that person (or someone in a great relationship), means that.. the above, so-called “negative” events are Higher-Being-caused, and not negative in the long run.

Sooo,…  The Higher Being knows …….

  • Getting laid off will mean that a lighter is lit under your ass, and you now have the time to dive into some product you’ve been putting very little energy into. and them, bam, you’ve created something you can market.
  • That potential business partner saying no, will be a beneficial thing.. somehow, someway.. possibly because your product being marketed with his/her product line will not be compatible..
  • The potential romantic interest is not a good match for you… investing time in that wrong match will mean you don’t meet the person, that’s the perfect match.



To sum up, those circumstances that you believe you need to control, are exactly the circumstances that don’t need changing at all.. and are the very aspects of life that sometimes look a certain way, but are indirectly bringing you to those situations that will make you Feel more of what you’re already Feeling ( you are cultivating your vibration consciously, right ? ).

Remember what Neville says about Bridges of Incidents.  Intelligence Itself knows everything about everything, and will launch the perfect sequence of things to manifest the objective.. even if your ego may not like some of the intermediate incidents.

As a concluding example:

I don’t think Neville was too thrilled about his ex-partner ( who refused to sign the divorce papers ) being arrested for shoplifting, and thus “forcing” him to stop what he was doing, to schlep all the way to the courthouse to testify for her, that she was actually a good person who simply made a mistake.

But the Infinite Self aspect of Neville KNEW that he’s that kind of generous, unconditionally forgiving person that would help his ex-partner, even though she was not being very nice about not signing the papers.
And his Infinite Self also KNEW, that in response to Neville helping her out in court, that she would then finally sign the Divorce papers, so that Neville could finally legally marry his then-girlfriend.

If Neville resisted circumstances, and simply decided that: “Well, this is her karma,.. so let her get arrested and be thrown in jail for a night”… then he would have blocked the ultimate Good that was destined to happen in response to his visualization of his current girlfriend being his Wife sleeping next to him.

Always know, that what trumps what your current appearances, is what you are consciously assuming the feeling of on a consistent basis.
As someone who is a Master in Conscious Creation, like you, the Reader can be.. you can ignore the “What-Is” in favor of what you’re creating, that no one else around can see.


Telementation by Jeffrey Grupp

Telementation by Jeffrey Grupp

After hearing the author on the show several years ago, I picked up a book called Telementation by Jeffrey Grupp. It is a small in length, about 122 pages, but gives you the essential background behind how to tap into the feeling state that backs the manifestation of a desired circumstance.

By accident, while meditating in the Zen Buddhist tradition, he encountered a level of consciousness, which I’m sure we all have (but never take advantage of) called the “Feeling Mass”. This level is past the surface consciousness activity of normal everyday emotions, and is not dependent on anything, but simply Is the Core of You, and anything believed at this deeper level is what decides how life goes on the outside.

One of the key points is the importance of not making it a chore to stop and “do your telementation”.. in itself, it is joyful has to be associated with something you strive to do because you want to. Doing any of this with a tension of “I need to do this consciousness thing, and do it right, or it won’t work”… well, it won’t work.

It’s a little disjointed, in that you don’t get a sense of a set of steps of how he goes about reaching this “Feeling Mass”.
And it’s not like this is a “required” book for you to read, especially if you’ve already read plenty of stuff by Neville, or John Kehoe, or other similar writers.

But there’s just a lot of inspiration in the book that boosted my willingness to spend more time in the silence, feeling the targets I want to manifest, and I appreciate how he explains the nature of the Universe having no “conditionality”. When you decide on an end result, and Feel as if you have it.. there are no rules as to how that is going to transpire… anything can happen, that most people would not entertain as possibilities.

The Job/Recruiter/Employer/Money thing when you’re operating at the Higher Level

The Job/Recruiter/Employer/Money thing when you’re operating at the Higher Level

I remember the job interview I had many years ago, for the first job that actually related to my career in computers. At that time, I was operating definitely at the 3-dimensional level and thought I was at effect from the outside, and everyone outside had a say in my income, my day to day security, and others had the official last word over my likeability or employeability.

I got that particular job, but not out of any positive impression I left (I had sweaty palms and acted really nervously) – it might have been my friend who was already at this company, and who I had attended a technical school with me, had already gave me a great reference ( but I don’t want even want to conjecture on the reason from being any cause in the 3D world anyway ).

My approach now, when it comes to the whole subject of money and being employed and resumes and seeking approval is at the 180 degree point.


How I Apply This Stuff

How I Apply This Stuff

Sometimes I receive questions about how I go about actually putting into practice the various practices/disciplines/techniques, etc, contained in the books I review somewhere, videos I’ve done, either on this blog, or on Amazon, or in an article I’ve got somewhere on the Internet.

Applying Vadim Zeland’s principle of LOSING IMPORTANCE

Universally, the Key Decision I hold is — (and this unfortunately is going to make you think of the common advice to not move away from negative instead of moving toward positive)
The Key Thing is..

Not letting the current circumstances, the appearance of something, affect me.

If something is “out there” (and it’s all illusion anyway), messing with me, I constantly remind myself that I’m in charge of my State of Being.. So my Main Emphasis, is to not give anything any power over me. I refuse to get stuck, long term, feeling anger, or frustration, or fear, because all that does, is continue creating that crap in the future. ( however, it’s good to sometimes intentionally feel these emotions in a dedicated “Releasing session” in order to let go )
Don’t get caught up in the line of thinking that goes like this: “Well, because I’ve got this crap in my face , this means that I’ve got a “F’d up” vibration, or a series of accumulated low-emotional days that created this, so I’ve got reason to continue to be unhappy”… But the thing is, this Reality, the Mechanism that reflects your state of being into the physical stuff outside, doesn’t’ care that you want to drag the shit that’s showing up outside, into the future through your continual low-emotion-based state. It’ll just do it for you, and be neutral about it.


Excuse this expression.. sometimes there's just not a better way to say something to fit the Intent.