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Telementation by Jeffrey Grupp

Telementation by Jeffrey Grupp

After hearing the author on the show several years ago, I picked up a book called Telementation by Jeffrey Grupp. It is a small in length, about 122 pages, but gives you the essential background behind how to tap into the feeling state that backs the manifestation of a desired circumstance.

By accident, while meditating in the Zen Buddhist tradition, he encountered a level of consciousness, which I’m sure we all have (but never take advantage of) called the “Feeling Mass”. This level is past the surface consciousness activity of normal everyday emotions, and is not dependent on anything, but simply Is the Core of You, and anything believed at this deeper level is what decides how life goes on the outside.

One of the key points is the importance of not making it a chore to stop and “do your telementation”.. in itself, it is joyful has to be associated with something you strive to do because you want to. Doing any of this with a tension of “I need to do this consciousness thing, and do it right, or it won’t work”… well, it won’t work.

It’s a little disjointed, in that you don’t get a sense of a set of steps of how he goes about reaching this “Feeling Mass”.
And it’s not like this is a “required” book for you to read, especially if you’ve already read plenty of stuff by Neville, or John Kehoe, or other similar writers.

But there’s just a lot of inspiration in the book that boosted my willingness to spend more time in the silence, feeling the targets I want to manifest, and I appreciate how he explains the nature of the Universe having no “conditionality”. When you decide on an end result, and Feel as if you have it.. there are no rules as to how that is going to transpire… anything can happen, that most people would not entertain as possibilities.

The Job/Recruiter/Employer/Money thing when you’re operating at the Higher Level

The Job/Recruiter/Employer/Money thing when you’re operating at the Higher Level

I remember the job interview I had many years ago, for the first job that actually related to my career in computers. At that time, I was operating definitely at the 3-dimensional level and thought I was at effect from the outside, and everyone outside had a say in my income, my day to day security, and others had the official last word over my likeability or employeability.

I got that particular job, but not out of any positive impression I left (I had sweaty palms and acted really nervously) – it might have been my friend who was already at this company, and who I had attended a technical school with me, had already gave me a great reference ( but I don’t want even want to conjecture on the reason from being any cause in the 3D world anyway ).

My approach now, when it comes to the whole subject of money and being employed and resumes and seeking approval is at the 180 degree point.


A Quick Message to Help Drop One’s Beliefs in Scarcity, and the necessity for Hard Work

A Quick Message to Help Drop One’s Beliefs in Scarcity, and the necessity for Hard Work

Ask most people who buy books such as The Secret, or the latest release by Wayne Dyer, or other very prolific writers of Spiritual/Metaphysics books, why they take the time to read this type of material. I’d bet the most common answer involves the Getting of Big Stuff.

They want the larger income, or sudden large cashflow, or relationship, better house, etc..

Unfortunately, the challenge they’re tackling is the fact that they have not built up a Belief System that allows them to really use the methods prescribed in the books. They might have several below-conscious beliefs:

  1. There just really is not enough of this thing in the Universe for me to attract it.. there are too many others wanting the same thing. ( this might be the top repellent of beliefs )
  2. This is too good to be true. All I see are material things around me, and I’m made of matter. I just don’t think there’s anything there, beyond the 3 dimensional.
    Note: It’s common to have people buy books on the Universal Laws, and applying them, and at the same time, still have this belief sort of nagging at the border of their subconscious mind.
  3. The fact that there are so many super wealthy people in the business and entertainment world, many among these, who did not read metaphysical material, and thus just created wealth “by themselves” .. this means that there’s just not much credibility to creating my life in this “weird” metaphysical way.


To respond to this third point, I invite you to see videos of Will Smith | Oprah | Jim Carrey | My Own Explanation (no, not video)