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Not Trying to Control Outer Events, but having confidence you’re still Manifesting

Not Trying to Control Outer Events, but having confidence you’re still Manifesting

One of the main categories of Self-Development material that I was pursuing for reading material, before I dove in deep with Conscious Creation, was that whole teaching of…

Let Go of what Happens out there in the material world – Basically, respond with indifference when shit happens.


Even Abe-Hicks, a primary source of LOA material, tells you the same thing:

Most people think that they only have the option of responding to the circumstances that surround them. And that’s what makes them attempt the impossible, which is to control the circumstances around them, which only feeds their feeling of frustration and vulnerability because it doesn’t take very much life experience to discover you can’t control all of those circumstances.


So, take someone who has just discovered Conscious Creation, whether someone introduced them to a Neville book, or they had seen the Secret.

What I’m saying here might affect their attitude about how legitimate all of these metaphysical concepts really are.

I mean, if even A-H is saying, “you can’t control all of those circumstances”,   well….. crap, “I thought you could control things with your mind and feelings!.. isn’t that what these teachers are saying?”

However, what they miss, is that, the “What-Is”/The Visible Stuff in their face never has to Look any particular way at any moment, to have any meaning.

The Intelligence spoken of, in the various books we might read, doesn’t care that our Ego doesn’t like certain events.  So IT will respond to a Conscious Vibration you are creating through your Focus by shaping your Material world in the most direct manner it possibly can, even if that new shape it takes feels painful to our Ego.

For instance, if you’re wanting a business for yourself, and you are cultivating a vibration of the freedom, joy, excitement that’s consistent with someone who has a successful business, this is going to launch things into action.

And these “things/events” might include stuff the human Ego doesn’t enjoy


The ego may not things like …….

  • Getting laid off
  • A potential business partner says no to your offer to join for a sales campaign
  • A potential romantic interest drops out of the picture.

However, your newly habituated vibration as someone who feels like an entrepreneur, and does things that a successful business owner does, and cultivates Being-Qualities of that person (or someone in a great relationship), means that.. the above, so-called “negative” events are Higher-Being-caused, and not negative in the long run.

Sooo,…  The Higher Being knows …….

  • Getting laid off will mean that a lighter is lit under your ass, and you now have the time to dive into some product you’ve been putting very little energy into. and them, bam, you’ve created something you can market.
  • That potential business partner saying no, will be a beneficial thing.. somehow, someway.. possibly because your product being marketed with his/her product line will not be compatible..
  • The potential romantic interest is not a good match for you… investing time in that wrong match will mean you don’t meet the person, that’s the perfect match.



To sum up, those circumstances that you believe you need to control, are exactly the circumstances that don’t need changing at all.. and are the very aspects of life that sometimes look a certain way, but are indirectly bringing you to those situations that will make you Feel more of what you’re already Feeling ( you are cultivating your vibration consciously, right ? ).

Remember what Neville says about Bridges of Incidents.  Intelligence Itself knows everything about everything, and will launch the perfect sequence of things to manifest the objective.. even if your ego may not like some of the intermediate incidents.

As a concluding example:

I don’t think Neville was too thrilled about his ex-partner ( who refused to sign the divorce papers ) being arrested for shoplifting, and thus “forcing” him to stop what he was doing, to schlep all the way to the courthouse to testify for her, that she was actually a good person who simply made a mistake.

But the Infinite Self aspect of Neville KNEW that he’s that kind of generous, unconditionally forgiving person that would help his ex-partner, even though she was not being very nice about not signing the papers.
And his Infinite Self also KNEW, that in response to Neville helping her out in court, that she would then finally sign the Divorce papers, so that Neville could finally legally marry his then-girlfriend.

If Neville resisted circumstances, and simply decided that: “Well, this is her karma,.. so let her get arrested and be thrown in jail for a night”… then he would have blocked the ultimate Good that was destined to happen in response to his visualization of his current girlfriend being his Wife sleeping next to him.

Always know, that what trumps what your current appearances, is what you are consciously assuming the feeling of on a consistent basis.
As someone who is a Master in Conscious Creation, like you, the Reader can be.. you can ignore the “What-Is” in favor of what you’re creating, that no one else around can see.


The Stuck-On-This-Specific-Way-Or-Nothing Syndrome

The Stuck-On-This-Specific-Way-Or-Nothing Syndrome

There is this phenomenon among many people who discover the way of doing things Energetically (aka Law of Attraction), and are backing away more from un-Productive brunt force action that have gotten them nowhere, up to the point of that discovery of LOA.
They begin on that magical path of applying the wisdom of Neville, and actually generating feelings of what it would actually be like, if they had in fact, had their offer for that dream house accepted by the owner.. or another highly-desired objective.
Or they successfully use their spare moments, such as waiting for an elevator, or stuck in traffic, to soak themselves in a 34 or 68-second long embracing of a feeling of deep appreciation, or of fulfillment that they now have the thing they’re seeking.

But when it comes to applying metaphysical principles to their pursuit of money creation, it can be so easy to fall back into placing so much importance onto the appearance of how something on the outside is looking to them


An example of this may look like:,

You have a podcast enthusiast who loves to listen to them, and then suddenly realizes, signs everywhere are pointing to how awesome it would be to start her own podcast. And this is not an artificially-inspired idea … she can’t stop thinking about it.. a perfect title of her podcast comes to her right away, and then she finds an amazing deal on Amazon for high quality audio equipment. It’s meant to be.

What happens next though, is typical among many people who get re-hypnotized to take direction from the “stale” external world around them. ( I say “stale”, because your existing circumstances are always a reflection of a past indulgence in feelings and actions from those feelings )

She reads blogs that talk about how much income you can make through possibly being an affiliate for some product that she can sell in commercial breaks.. or the lure of maybe getting obsessed around what major Podcast Network she can join if she produces “good enough content” for it. She’s being led by the “muggle” tail of putting too much stock into the external symbols.

However, in reality, she went from:

being more awake in her life ( by discovering the power of Deliberate Creation ),
right back to:
a more “asleep state” of letting the outside influence her internal decisions and spike false fears (of missing out)

What if,

… that excitement that grabbed her, and directed her toward starting a podcast, was originally only just there to get herself exposed for now,,,, in the world, so she was being heard ??

And what if, after just 8 episodes, there were some major audio book publishing company that heard her and loved her voice, and wanted to her to narrate books, and she ended up loving that??

Another possible way that Reality/Her Excitement may have taken her the podcast direction, was perhaps to meet someone else with that same interest she was pod-castting about, and then she teamed up with that person, in numerous and lucrative, and most importantly, joyful ways!  And they co-created a web site, or co-authored books.

It’s crazy what can happen, if you stay centered in your bliss and take direction from that pure joy-inspired voice.


Excuse this expression.. sometimes there's just not a better way to say something to fit the Intent.