Whenever your feeling is in conflict with your wish, feeling will be the victor. -Neville

A Master With A Simple Message

But, really, the only thing that is necessary, is getting yourself Clear Enough however it takes, to be able to Feel the Actual Feeling of what It is like to have that “Thing”.

Manifesting a Quiet Neighbor Situation

I wrote down those feelings. They were basically “happy” and “content”.  I started doing more things that made me happy and content, deliberately, even if meant spending more money ( get a massage, get a sweet, fat-laden, latte once a week )

My Abe-Inspired Alignment-Injections

Well, personally speaking, I get more of a “Feeling-Buzz” when I think of a specific aspect of a fulfilled objective.. so I figured I’d write “mini-scripts” that I could then use as material to ….

Telementation by Jeffrey Grupp

Doing any of this with a tension of “I need to do this consciousness thing, and do it right, or it won’t work”… well, it won’t work.

How I Apply This Stuff

So my Main Emphasis, is to not give anything any power over me. I refuse to feel anger, or frustration, or fear, because all that does, is continue creating that crap in the future.

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