Focusing on how you’re feeling on a myriad of subjects can help.

Letting go of weight can become easy after pursuing areas of your life that make you feel better. When you’re feeling good more than feeling bad, your body will then follow, and reflect this happier version of you, by becoming something you’re enjoying more.

Your physical body will cooperate with your predominate feeling about your life overall, and you can let go of weight, after re-indulging in a passion you’re forgotten about, falling in love, etc. You’re so thrilled about that one area of life that’s suddenly infusing you with joy, that all of the other areas of your life will suddenly start to resonate with that one super-charged aspect.. and the state of your body is included of course as one of those areas.


There was a video that I had listened to ( it’s been removed since then – Daryl, the channeller, is pretty fastidious about their copyrighted material ), where someone asked Bashar:

“Why can’t I use this deliberate creation principles you teach, to manifest a body that will lose weight no matter what I eat, and how little exercise I engage in.”

Bashar answered by pointing to the collective consciousness level of beliefs that we are born into when we incarnate here.
He said that, sure, it’s possible to work on changing your beliefs, so that your body will keep excess weight off, even while eating whatever you want.
However, he then says – and this is a great point –

that wouldn’t it just be easier, for now anyway, to align your eating behavior with the current state of what your subconscious already believes


… and just eat moderately, and include healthy foods when you can.

Speaking for myself, I agree with this. I’d rather keep increasing my “wealth consciousness setpoint” by making my visualizations directed toward that area. And also increase my confidence with socializing ( grew up very introverted ).
And when it comes to the body aspect of my life.. I apply the healthiest habits I can, sometimes messing up of course ( Trader Joe’s coconut flavored pancakes is my main downfall ). I’d rather not spend my “metaphysical practice” time, with reprogramming my subconscious so that I could eat food that I want. * I actually enjoy food more, when I confine the type of food I eat, to healthy stuff, and then the few times I indulge.. I enjoy those indulgences more than most people who always indulge *

Also, I try to apply Abraham’s message as much as I can, by creating a happy state of being through pursuing objectives that thrill me, and that up my vibration.