In the Moving Through Parallel Worlds book review/summary, I included a clip from another book, concerning how the law of attraction responds to the subconscious.

This shouldn’t be a cause for anyone to worry, that you can’t apply the basic principles of Neville to manifest your objectives without having to undergo some kind of long term, deep subconscious treatment to rewrite “stuff”.

What does Abraham say, after all, about beliefs:

They’re just thoughts being thought, over and over.


For someone that has grown up with a seriously abusive and negative background, it may take more mental discipline to keep your dominant thoughts and “feeling-tone” positive for most of the day, because your default programming is fighting it.

However, if you’re watching Abe-Hicks videos and reading their books, and doing the exercises they provide, this is going to not only cause your desired manifestations to outpicture ( from the vortex, as they say ) due to your dominant mood, It is also going to change your unconscious/subconscious programming, anyway, through time.

At the very least, however, if you’re someone with a really low self-esteem, this keeps your default emotional signature at a low setpoint, that makes it more of a challenge to override it with conscious exercises, such as gratitude lists, and similar.

I would address a negative self image with some kind of relaxed meditation/visualization every day. There is a really good book by the name of Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It, that recommends a simple 7-minute daily meditation/affirmation, where you relax yourself and listen to your favorite instrumentals music.