In one of my videos, as a sort of a light-hearted comment on my TV-watching, I displayed an image of the Machonne character from The Walking Dead.

( It was this video: Part 4 of Resurrection Summary )

Maybe I was trying to subtly defend my crazy TWD compulsion.

And sometimes I doubt the wisdom of my continual addiction to this show due to the ever-increasing shock value they are trying to deliver to their audience with each episode. The current season of TWD is more extreme in violence than a lot of other shows I’ve seen, including Sons of Anarchy ( motorcycle gangsters ), The Shield, and even Dexter.

However… I’m just stating the obvious.

The specific thing I wanted to mention was how sneakily, and perhaps accidentally, lack-thinking from the conversation in a dialogue scene, in a TV show can enter your subconscious without you really knowing.

I think it was an episode of Homeland that I was watching, where a couple of the CIA agents were having a conversation. I was kind of strung out with my adrenaline, waiting for the next exciting scene in this show.. where I’d see some martial arts from the young CIA guy… or Carrie’s hair-raising situation..

So I was only half-paying attention to the show.. while this conversation was happening in this calm scene.

But the thing is..

In this scene, they’re talking about the challenges of having to work, and really wanting to quit their CIA agent positions, but they can’t because of … money issues! And because these characters are the good guys, and you like them.. and you want to agree with everything they’re saying, because you want to them to win the fight against terrorists.. your brain could be taking in these real-life concepts of Lack in an insidious, kind of casual way that will leave their mark, in your real world via rewriting your beliefs in abundance.

So, it’s really easy for me to allow progress in my own abundance-mindset reprogramming, especially with Neville’s work, to start BACK-sliding. When your brain is kind of hypnotized, with that addiction-fueled anticipation of waiting for some action and violence, and you’re half-conscious as to what you’re absorbing in this dialogue that is going on front of you.. this stuff can soak in.


So all I’m saying is, be aware of what kind of beliefs about life in general, you could be letting yourself absorb if you’re half-awake and watching these shows.

One of these days, I’ll be one of those people who are proud to say: “The only time I watch TV, is when I throw in a DVD, because I have a date over.”