I’m guessing the last thing you might have read in a Law of Attraction article on a web site, or a chapter in book, about imagining the feeling of something you want, being here already.. went something like:

  • You must feel joy
  • Feel the relief that it’s here
  • Start feeling that excitement that you know is going to occur

In Power of Awareness, Neville tells you that the version of that YOU in that manifestational reality, needs to contain the versions of the other people that you regularly connect with in your life.. the people in your life.

So, he literally suggests:  If you know of someone that you just know is going to feel jealous if you had that successful business,..then you need to contemplate meeting that aspect of that person, in that objectified reality!  ( And he literally uses the example of the business in P.O.A.  )

Neville is about results,

and he’s about: what he knows of, that works

.. and he’s had the experience and the visions that hammered into his “Knowingness” about what makes manifestation really work, and so doesn’t mince words.

As much as you might want negative people in your life to be positive about some contemplated amazing manifestation you want.., that’s actually a whole different manifestation ( lol ).. I mean, if you want to create a whole separate objective later on.. about imagining negative people in your life, being positive and well-wishers.. sure, why not.

But if you really desire the objectifying of your primary Desire ( the rockin business ).. then look from the “lens” of that version of yourself that is in that particular World. If you just lightly think of your manifestation right now, taking a break from this blog entry..and you do know that a particular person would look at you with slight malice and fear that you’re succeeding.. then this might be part of a total “picture” of senses you’d paint in your Neville-izing visualization.

Of course, you’d want to prioritize the positive emotions of your excitement, possible pride of your great business ideas ( that just come to you anyway., because it’s part of the manifestation process for assuming the feeling to create the ideas ), happiness, etc…

However, to possibly increase the movement of your objective into the 3rd dimension, try to contemplate ALL aspects of your life, and the people in it, and how they would see you, despite the degree of how positive or negative they might be