Much of the conscious creation material available today, states that the Quantum Field/The Infinite/Formless Substance will respond just as reliably to our emotionalized thoughts of disappointing and sad circumstances, as to thoughts of a Favorable and Delicious lifestyle.

When we’re at that point of intuitively realizing the following about Universal Laws written about for many, many years: “yes, this makes sense that my life is shaped by Universal Principles, not just logically but intuitively in my heart center”, we still seem to bounce around from unhappy emotions to ones of victimization and back again,
all the time being aware about what Science and the mystics have told us about these low quality thoughts attracting the low quality material equivalent !

It comes down to a belief, or a conclusion we arrive at, about how much we should allow the outside world to “convince” us of what is possible for us. However, there is no point in using our visible material environment as an example for anything.

All of it has been drawn to us, by the level of our consciousness from past up to the present moment.

A fairly large pecentage of the population has this addiction to looking for Evidence – of their chances for success in life – in the wrong place: from the outside world.

(There should practically be a Betty Ford clinic just for people who habitually draw final conclusions on what is Reality, based on what they see around them)

Many folks love to point with their finger at the people both in their life currently, and those who were in their life who were never able to climb out of a financial or emotional rut – in this constant effort to “build up their case”: of how this stuff doesn’t work.

It’s very tempting, after all, to reach this conclusion: “If it were actually that easy, that the Visible material world originates from the Unseen Invisible world (our thoughts), then these people in not so happy circumstances would have aimed their powerful thought-beams to create the ideal, luscious life, and they would have done this by now .”

You’d think we’d be able to easily control our own mind knowing the happy results of consistent happy thoughts.

I know of at least two reasons that people are not able to shift their thoughts from negative ( victimized by others’ actions, or poor-me thoughts of why-am-I-still-living-in-this-small-apartment) to positive (i.e. dwelling on the rich, joyous feeling of living their perfect lifestyle)

1. Conscious thoughts or conclusions: We notice gaps between classes of people, especially when it comes to who is a star, or on the Fortune Mag cover, and who is not. Unfortunately many translate this to mean that there is some Predetermined Cause behind this gap – maybe some Natural Force that has to maintain balance, and thus put some people here or put others there.

This first one is actually ridiculous .. If you would have asked Bill Gates, when he was 5 years old, to let go of a baseball, and then request the same thing from another 5 year old on the same day – who happened to end up homeless today – gravity won’t care. It will drop the object for either person, as it would today with either present-day version of each person. It will just do what it does, not caring who Bill is, or will be, or who the homeless person is, or will be.

The Laws that lie behind the 24/7 attraction between circumstances and beliefs (beliefs could be seen as “cemented – but changeable -thoughtforce”) are even more reliable than the laws of gravity.

Both of these people are subject to the laws of how consciousness attracts our reality in the exact same way. They can both create a situation of plenty today.

Bill did, kinda, already.

The homeless person still can. He’s just as deserving and Divine and made of the same stuff that moves this planet around the sun, and grows trees.


2. Below-conscious: “Pay-offs” that drive their everyday conscious thoughts and actions, that they simply aren’t aware of.

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