Sometimes I receive questions about how I go about actually putting into practice the various practices/disciplines/techniques, etc, contained in the books I review somewhere, videos I’ve done, either on this blog, or on Amazon, or in an article I’ve got somewhere on the Internet.

Applying Vadim Zeland’s principle of LOSING IMPORTANCE

Universally, the Key Decision I hold is — (and this unfortunately is going to make you think of the common advice to not move away from negative instead of moving toward positive)
The Key Thing is..

Not letting the current circumstances, the appearance of something, affect me.

If something is “out there” (and it’s all illusion anyway), messing with me, I constantly remind myself that I’m in charge of my State of Being.. So my Main Emphasis, is to not give anything any power over me. I refuse to get stuck, long term, feeling anger, or frustration, or fear, because all that does, is continue creating that crap in the future. ( however, it’s good to sometimes intentionally feel these emotions in a dedicated “Releasing session” in order to let go )
Don’t get caught up in the line of thinking that goes like this: “Well, because I’ve got this crap in my face , this means that I’ve got a “F’d up” vibration, or a series of accumulated low-emotional days that created this, so I’ve got reason to continue to be unhappy”… But the thing is, this Reality, the Mechanism that reflects your state of being into the physical stuff outside, doesn’t’ care that you want to drag the shit that’s showing up outside, into the future through your continual low-emotion-based state. It’ll just do it for you, and be neutral about it.

If you admit to taking part in the behavior, above, where you let stuff decide what you are strongly feeling right now (instead of the other way around, which is the correct and powerful way), you can do all of the powerful and focused meditation you want, and all of the disciplined exercises in finding negative beliefs,

but your life won’t change as long as you are, on a daily basis, not following Vadim Zeland’s (Reality Transurfing) mandate to drop annoying things happening to you from your attention, and assign them an importance level of fricken zero.

Now that I answered the first part, the “over-arching” practice, the big picture State of Being, I’ll list the other specific things in applying what I read or listen to, whether it’s Neville, Vadim Zeland, or Wayne Dyer, etc..


Small isolated and spontaneous periods of time during the day of Assuming The Feeling

Every time I get the chance: waiting for the washing machine to stop spinning, or waiting for the elevator, or stuck in a really slow lane while driving. I imagine what it would feel like if I were that version of Me, who’s already in the circumstances I desire, but still doing what I’m doing now.. such as waiting for the elevator or stuck on the road.

I ask myself what I would feel like if I were completely satisfied in that area, and if so fulfilled, would I, in the least bit, care that this traffic is at a standstill due to the construction going on? Then I “feel from” that version of me, in this circumstance, and it changes everything.

The best thing about it, is that it benefits you in 2 major ways: Your emotional state now is 100 times better, so you’re happier, .. and the fact that you are Feeling the Existence of your Desired Goal Now.. means you’ve literally moved the materialization of it even closer to you.

Going to Sleep only with Joy-full State of Being

In Wayne Dyer’s latest book, Wishes Fulfilled ( which I highly, highly recommend ), he spends an entire chapter really drilling into the reader, the importance of falling asleep with a joy-filled quality of emotion, not a stressed/disappointed/worried/whatever, kind of negative state of mind.

Read Neville’s books for more details on it – I know for sure Neville covers this in Resurrection. However, Wayne does a really thorough job of bringing Neville, a very obscure writer, to the attention of many people who otherwise would never have heard of him, and he does a great job, and even adds value to what Neville instructs in this area.

To summarize, don’t go to bed worried, pissed, feeling doom or anxiety, etc..

Periods of Visualization

Sometimes, I do get in a quality 5 or 10 minutes of imagining the reality of a particular desired circumstance. Always without strain. And without attachment to what it will look like when materialized.

Telling The Truth about the Outside, and with Strong Emotion

I do the Process in Busting Loose from the Money Game, by Robert Scheinfeld. This is the “Don’t Resist half of the equation” that I covered in a recent entry here.

Forgiveness, but not what you think

This “Forgiving” is not the kind where you believe people outside of you did something wrong to you.. instead, it’s forgiving your beliefs of separation, judgement, etc.. that created the illusion of you having a conflict with someone. I do the Forgiveness visualization in “It’s All Mind”, to let go of any temporary people-related issues that can arise sometimes.

Do What I Love

I’d recommend searching for Bashar Following Your Excitement, in order to reap the full value of this final daily action, in this list.

I’ll emphasize something that I’d bet many people miss, when listening to his channelings. It’s the fact that the whole purpose of following your excitement, is not just to abide by the principle of “do what you love, and the money will follow” type of thing. No, it’s more than that. If you follow your natural leanings, the part of you that is dragging you to do something out of joy, your Self may not even want you to finish that particular thing.

It may just want you to find something, and the only way for you to find is to follow its urges, no matter what it is.

Go with what your Inner Being feels excited about doing, and don’t allow the outcome-independent aspect of you, chime in with its thoughts of “.. and I want particular outcome from this action”. ┬áIf you do, this can sabotage the flow of events that simply following your inner guidance is trying to lead you toward.