I remember the job interview I had many years ago, for the first job that actually related to my career in computers. At that time, I was operating definitely at the 3-dimensional level and thought I was at effect from the outside, and everyone outside had a say in my income, my day to day security, and others had the official last word over my likeability or employeability.

I got that particular job, but not out of any positive impression I left (I had sweaty palms and acted really nervously) – it might have been my friend who was already at this company, and who I had attended a technical school with me, had already gave me a great reference ( but I don’t want even want to conjecture on the reason from being any cause in the 3D world anyway ).

My approach now, when it comes to the whole subject of money and being employed and resumes and seeking approval is at the 180 degree point.

Even if the appearance of income (the Online Bank balance staring back at me) looks dire, and I am not employed, I don’t call back recruiters who sound in the least bit like someone who would waste my time. You just get to know intuitively, the quality of interaction on their part, their vague-ness of their offerings. Or they ask you for personal information at the first call or email.

You know. You can tell who to call back, or who not to communicate with.

Everyone has that intuition. Unfortunately, even those who have adopted a spiritual philosophy about life and material things, can still fall prey to the worry when they feel they severely need a job, so they follow up on every single lead, even the ones they just know, by gut, are time-wasters.

When you’re done with worrying about lack, you stop doing things based on fear of lack, and based on need and desperation.

Interviews: I never, ever try to exaggerate, or lie about things they list as requirements for the job. I treat the interview as a chance at a conversation with someone, who might or might not hire me. They don’t decide, however, it’s not their decision, remember – if they do hire you, your Expanded/Higher Self (which places things in your life from beliefs and long-term vibratory habits) has put that in your script. So you’re off the hook from, ever, ever, having to worry about proving that you’re worthy to being an employee.

10 years ago, when I landed an interview, my consciousness was soaked with a Desperation and a needy grasping for approval. I thought that I had to take all the action, learn all of the nlp tricks to appear charismatic and likeable.

Nowadays, landing an interview begins with a cursory look-through of some technology books that I feel they may want to test me for, and a brush through of my resume, to make sure I know how to explain in well-thought out words what I did, in case they get real interested in my job history and want elaboration.

No longer than an hour preparation. That’s it.

It’s a conversation to me,.. it’s also an excuse to try lunch at a place I’ve never been. (I usually check the Internet before the interview, for nearby lunch places, to try something new after I’m done with the interview.) Why would I want to try to, with my small fear-based ego, coerce someone on the outside to give me something that may not even be right, or serve my long-term purpose?

I just show up, be at ease, talk about software development (my particular field), and not care about their opinion of me, or whether they think I’m hire-able. Then I leave.

Employers: I don’t worry about losing a job once I have landed it. The employer is simply playing a part, remember, that my more powerful Self put in place. They’re not the source of my income. I’m simply creating a reality that makes it look like that. This allows me to peacefully concentrate on my job, using the skill I enjoy putting to use, without worrying about who’s having meetings without me, or why I heard someone discuss lower profits (i.e. layoffs).

It’s a great feeling when you finally decide to live based on this complete freedom from unnecessary worry and concern over manipulating things.