My most recent video was about how to create a habitual State of Being that is conducive to turning on the “Manifestation Faucet”. I talked about changing default states of pent-up negativity through deep work, or making simple changes in your life, if you’re someone who stays in the middle-ground on the emotional scale , such as quitting your job if it’s really wrecking your vibration, however only if you’re able to do so.

So here, I want to mention an ongoing practice/technique that I use in upping my Wealth Setpoint in a very specific, concrete way.  Responding to stimuluses from the Fulfilled Version of Yourself.

Do you ever have a particular instance where you’re browsing Facebook and you hit on a sponsored ad, from a fairly-well known writer/coach/speaker, who is offering a Webinar –  which you know damn well, that leads you to a $2,000 business coaching offer at the end of the webinar? You had to have seen those. But ignore the critical tone of voice, I’m not against those.

It can be Extremely Useful, to stop your thought-process, and really ask yourself what you are thinking/feeling about it, as you continue scrolling past that ad. Our chatter can be so insidious, that a part of our mind could start a dialogue about that sponsored ad, in a deep corner of our consciousness, even while continue scrolling down the page, hoping to see a photo update of a friend’s vacation trip.

That chatter could resemble:
“They’ve reached their success.”
“They’re trying to get a couple of grand off me now”
“I need to figure out how to do what they’re doing so I can start doing this.”

In summary, a lot of fear thoughts.

However, when I catch myself in that negative-chatter loop, I always stop and change the experience of seeing that Ad, and respond from the emotional/”fact”-based version of the Me that is creating a lavish, consistent, dependable cashflow into my life.

From that parallel Version of Me, what is my response to reading that ad?


Firstly, I feel a kind of kinship or camaraderie with this other successful person whose Facebook profile picture I am viewing via this sponsored ad.  I might think: “It’s awesome to witness others succeeding through whatever means they are doing it, even if they’re not accomplishing their wealth through the means I use, such as Nevile-izing, doing releasing methods to let go of over-wanting energies, etc.. ”

I even have this happy thought of.. “it’s sooo awesome that I can easily afford this coach’s services, if I ever feel the need to get a different perspective on marketing my product/service.  This person looks like a high-integrity person to approach for help”

If you’re reading this, and your challenge has been something big for the last several months, such as getting a mate, or a new job, finding a business idea, etc.., this might seem trivial and not worth your time to do this type of close examination of the State you’re inhabiting while responding to a stimulus in your direct environment.

But you need to remind yourself, that you can’t create better than what you’re being on the Inside

If this resonates with you – to take your Consciousness-Raising efforts to this level – think of ways that you could interrupt your automatic thinking in a way that you could get your ego to agree with.  Any time we feel hesitant to take on a habit like this ( or better, let’s call it a constant exercise between Nevillize-ing ), it’s usually our ego that wants things to be given to us without effort.

Remember: If you take this kind of effort on the level of consciousness, than you don’t need to take the more painful kind of effort that you see “muggles” exert, as they flail out in too many directions, copying what others are doing, trying to manipulate the outer world.

Here’s a really specific example in my own experience:   I used to subscribe to Tim Ferris’s 5-bullet Friday email list, where he summarizes 5 ideas, or products he likes, or suggestions for a positive Life-Tweak, etc.

And at times, he will recommend a higher-priced product, like a particular green energy supplement, or a particular type of higher cost fitness equipment than I’m used to getting.

Get this:  I would actually criticize him in my mind, as in… “yeah, you’re Mr. Angel Investor, New York Times Best seller author, you can afford these things you’re recommending to me”.    Wow!  I mean what the F!   I need to switch that automatic response I’m having, real quick.

After that single time that I caught myself with that response, every time I received his emails after that, I made sure to Be in the Lavish Cash Flow-receiving State,

… and with grateful emotion, I looked at his products he’s recommending, and felt happy that he doesn’t try to censor his product list, and simply tells me what are good products since I am one of those people who can easily afford any product he recommends.

Neville says that all of the States ALREADY EXIST.  The poverty State, the wealthy State, the lonely State, etc.  It’s our choice to incarnate in any lifetime, and just simply inhabit the poverty state for our entire life. .. but that State produces poverty.    Why do that?   However we have the freedom to inhabit that State if we want.. and you know what?  It’s no better than the wealthy State!  We’re just here borrowing this body and experiencing this planet and we go back anyway.

But the fact that we know there are States – because we discovered Neville, and discovered that Feeling what you’d Feel as if you had Wealth allows you to inhabit that State – means its just a simple decision to be in that State.

The State produces the material equivalent of that State, always, without question.

I feel like if you discover this more powerful way of living, you’ve woken up in a dream. I’m sure you’ve heard that metaphor many times.

But seriously, why go back to sleep, if you’ve awoken?  I’d rather stay awake and mold this illusionary material stuff outside in the much easier/powerful way.