You can read additional books, to try to “get some unknown technique” you think you have to know.
You can ask questions on forums on facebook or other places and then worry whether you need to do be doing the same thing as someone who seems to be getting success.. etc..
But, really, the only thing that is necessary, is getting yourself Clear Enough however it takes, to be able to Feel the Actual Feeling of what It is like to have that “Thing”.
What is getting Clear Enough? It’s eliminating beliefs that you haven’t yet spotted that you are holding, that causes you to interrupt a visualization session and go back to your routine, because of the fact that you find yourself too stuck and not able to really feel it with Knowing.
One way to eliminate the belief ( or fear of what might happen if you manifested the objective ) is to actual rest your attention on the unpleasant sensation in your body that comes up when you attempt to Feel The Reality of It.  It usually gives you more info by giving you pictures of some decision that you made some time ago, about Reality itself, or of your deservingness, or the Ease of creating it.
I’ll put out a video on that relatively soon.