Do you have friends who are practically, at the organic level, just swimming in effortlessly good emotions ? The odds are, their circumstances give them even more positive emotions due to the reflection of their default higher frequency mood into the physical world.

This is one of those real-world clues to what is a better area to pay attention to, in creating the stuff you want.

1.) Be Aware of Your Unconsciously Automatic Mood Shifts
2.) Decide that It’s Really Important to your Happiness to Track the Source of Those Frequent Bouts of Mood Drops that you were Previously “Letting Slide” 
3.) Allow your Findings from your newly Heightened Awareness to change your Habitual State of Being

It can be such a temptation to continue trying out new sources of motivation, such as a webinar in your facebook feed or a podcast that might talk about deliberate creation principles in just a particular way that hits home with you.

Here’s the thing.

If you’ve already read one or two Neville books, and/or have absorbed a good amount of Abe Hicks teachings, you already know the basics, you don’t necessarily need to be concerned with having a lack of knowledge about it.

I’m not saying, to ignore a resource that calls out to you – sometimes, someone with a similar set of psychological challenges as you, might have hit on some routine he/she does, that lets loose many channels of Good flowing to them.

What I AM saying, is that you need to make a decision right now that way more attention needs to be given to:

What are the minute little assumptions that you may have held, since your childhood, that are slowly but surely, eroding the quality of your State of Being, your Vibration, because you let decades go by without looking at them?

I used to have this condition years ago, where if I dropped an egg on the floor in the morning, that simple action meant, somehow, that the trend for this day was now, “that it’s going to be a difficult day, because it’s an all or nothing type of deal, this Reality is.”  I had this unfortunate definition of life, that for it to be a good day where I’m happy, the day has to never include one inconvenient event.

When I finally got tired of allowing my mood to be affected so out-of-proportionately by an event such as that, I finally sat down that afternoon and let my awareness bring myself back to several hours earlier when that egg dropped.    I could have this done this years and years ago, but I held on to this pattern all the way up to that point, on that day.


What came to me in that relaxed state was a particular day,  when I was probably about 11, and my mother was trying to load dirty dishes into the dish washer, as I was just kind of standing silently in the hallway the same way a vagrant doesn’t know what to do with himself when he reaches another milestone ( a store or parking lot )  in his aimless walk down the street, and just stands there not sure of what to do next  ( there’s a whole thing about my childhood, being raised by my mother.. it’s a long story ).

Suddenly I heard some loud clacking noises, indicating that she was failing at the simple task of getting all the dishes to fit.. and then I heard a loud: “Fuuuuck!” from her.  It was like an enraged shriek.

Among many, many other little incidences aside from this ( that can really add up when you count the number of them in one’s entire childhood ) I took this into my subconscious, almost to the point of entering my very cells.

What I took into my subconscious was an understanding, a deep assumption that I settled on, that very minor small inconveniences ( dish-fitting issues ) are enough to officially mean it doesn’t take much for any day to turn into a day where it’s impossible to be happy.

Can you imagine the negative effect on your vibration over time, and on your ability to have such faith in such a universe that you could even halfway believe a writer like Neville that life could be as simple as maintaining of State of Being where you’re feeling something good is true.

To tie all this up…

If you have long-held psychology patterns – that can affect manifestation if those patterns affect your mood for most of your waking hours – it’s more important for you to address these ( at least by feeling them )… than it is for you to seek more info on guided meditations, manifestation tools, etc.


What is outside in your world only reflects, as you know, who you are Being as an average of your Conscious Waking Life hours ( especially your mood is as you fall asleep ).  This tells you that you are your own “tool” in manifesting the kind of reality you want.

Awareness.  Shine a light on the hidden cause ( nothing is hidden, however.. because if you voluntarily go into the feeling, you will get taken to the original cause of your persistent bad mood in your meditation )

Yes, shine that light, and let what you find actually change who are You Are Being in the Vibrational Frequency of your State of Being.

Ever since I began to really investigate the cause of my persistent downward moods, my external reality became so much smoother. This started before discovering Neville, when I had read The Power of Now in the late nighties. And vastly improved after using The Release Technique later on.

I’d say, just start with simple inquiry as to why the simplest things are dragging your mood down, and that could start things up.

My growing up days were a lot like Mommie Dearest, if you've ever seen that particular biography of Joan Crawford.   I don't want to put such emphasis on someone outside of me, and what they did to me in my past...., however it's wise to accept that you have repressed emotions if you do in fact have them, whether or not it's from a parent or somewhere else.   
And I'm just providing this for context.
Many times I'd just stand in the hallway in the home I grew up in, wanting to go outside but not wanting her to focus her attention on me - she could literally manufacture some reason to blame me for something... even not being able to fill the dishwasher correctly if you can believe it.