This blog entry has sort of been in the works, creating clatter in my awareness for me to finally sit down and express it.

And as a Self-Ass-Kick, my Higher Being inserted something into my life to get this going.

A couple of mornings ago, I was doing some Spanish studying in an online program called “Rocket Spanish”,  and I came across this grammar exercise which deals with conditionality.

Notice how it talks about wealth and money in a certain order….

First: If I had a million dollars, Then: I’d be happy .

Here is the screenshot of it:


Notice the bottom sentence, I would be happy.   

We know it’s in the wrong order

 The way that Reality really works, requires that,….

“If I was happy”
Belongs on the very top and starts the process of everything else.

… that is, if we’re talking about crafting our circumstances.    I realize we can’t expect this Spanish course to try to teach Conscious creation and Spanish at the same time !  ( they’ve manifested a pretty successful business, nonetheless, whether they know of LOA )

I just found this oddly timely for me to come across.

How do you do that – deciding to be as happy as you could be ? ….. you simply don’t resist what is now, but instead pick out aspects of your current circumstances that you’re always going to enjoy, maybe simple aspects of your life that you especially enjoy more than most people, and dwell on how glad you are for those things.

For instance, there are aspects/things of my life that make me quite happy,  that are negligent in price, and will always be available now, which makes me less dependent on waiting for the large juicy manifestations.

  • keto cookies I make w/ peanut butter and coconut flakes ( with a coffee, which I can make a bullet point on its own )
  • creating some kind of automation tool that I use every day using free open source languages like javascript or php
  • watching my favorite youtube channels – I have a dizzying array of faves
  • favorite tv shows – even the ones that are violent and gory make me happy, just being honest
  • fave music that gives me the energy to really drive it during my HIIT workouts
  • the satisfaction of re-reading a Neville book and for the first time getting what he was saying on that 50th reading of that paragraph

These things are present in my life now, and they will be present in my life AFTER any particular large manifestation. Can you make a list of small every day stuff that you really like ?

It becomes kind of a snowball – if you maintain that high vibe, you get ideas that relate to your un-manifested objectives ( if you’re chronically low on the emotional scale, you’re not listening to that part of that you has the impulses and ideas you need – that’s just all there is to it ).

And on the level of just simply receiving manifestations that don’t relate to implementing ideas, you’re just simply less likely to receive outside surprises that would ordinarily make most people happy, if you’re not already happy or at least on some stable level of contentment.    Your assumed feeling of victimhood, defeat,, etc.. won’t attract the good sh*t.

I wanted to introduce you to a resource that I’ve been listening to, in addition to Neville and Abe Hicks recordings.

GP Walsh is a Spiritual Teacher that has a ton of youtube videos.  Much of his material is lot like Neville’s in many of them, ( and in others he talks about “Inner Reconciliation”, which is similar to NLP Parts work ).

I enjoy the way that he explains the paradox of the Power of choosing Happiness and the Feeling of Being Fulfilled Now – but NOT for the sake of manifesting – HOWEVER, doing this, CAN’T NOT end up with things materializing in your world, anyway, to keep matching your consistent Inner Feeling of Happiness and Contentment.

Here’s a Playlist I’ve created on my channel, of some of my GP Walsh favorites

Hope you enjoy his message as much as I have.