Videos that have spoken to me.


Videos that you may have never seen, but had resulted in a new layer of understanding being added to how successful conscious creators do it.

My favorite aspect of the video is the value of coming at your manifesting efforts from an already arrived-at state of Feeling Good, without ‘needing’ anything.

Two points he gets into this: 10:05 and 16:30

There may be topics he brings up you may not agree with, but of course that applies to anything you read or watch.

26:55 A particular home-hitting explanation of Gratitude

49:10 Don’t make money in your bank account your source, or your sense of security. Your only security is respecting the principle that knowing you’re Abundance already Exists, Is what makes Reality reflect back to you, that continual Abundance.

Don’t want to give you a particular specific time section, because the whole video is valuable

The Release Technique


A primary principle of what is required for Consciousness to cause the manifestation of things into the material world – or failure to do so – is the presence – or absence of – the Feeling of “Wanting”. Yes, Neville has already plowed into our minds, the importance of Feeling as if you already have the thing, and this is something we know is True. Sometimes, however, what might be needed is an extra focus on Releasing stubborn feelings of Wanting something.  Being able to be detached is what I’m talking about.
If you already have something, you can’t be in a state of Wanting – you’re already Having It. So it’s completely valid to contemplate the huge value of releasing any Feeling of Wanting from your system. Replace Wanting with Having.
This is where the teachings of Lester Levenson come into play.  Larry Crane’s course applies a powerful microscope on how to release these Feelings.

This course, named The Abundance Course, is what replaced EFT for me in the mid 2000’s. It’s the perfect compliment to Neville for me.
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The Release Technique

The Checklist


The primary reason people who are practicing Neville and other Conscious Creation teachers, don’t manifest, is a failure to know really what’s going on inside their consciousness, in terms of:

  • What do they really want?
  • Are they really ready to have it now
  • Do they feel like they deserve it
  • Do they believe anything has to happen before it manifests
  • Even though they think they are capable of letting go of the How’s, are they really?
  • … and some other considerations on the level of unconscious beliefs

MrNamaste has come up with a master Checklist of questions, that if you answer them, and through processing the “No’s” to any of them, you uncover blocks to your steady, non-resistant focus on the one objective you’re focusing on.

Description of the List ( and there is mention of the list throughout his site and blog ):

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